Income of Game Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Part IV – Arjuna Vishada Yoga

Q: What are the important capacity in ch 2?Ans: This is a actual continued chapter, aswell the basis of Gita. There are four capacity discussed in this affiliate as below.1. The attributes of our botheration is fear, abashing and sorrow. Jiva vichara, cocky enquiry.2. Knowing the absolute presence. Gita reveals the solution.. To apperceive the attributes of Cocky is meant for everyone, like ache and sleep. Abandoned if you’re actually athirst you’ll feel satisfied. This atma ability is for anybody but one has to aspire for it.. All the abhorrence abashing are removed. Mighty affliction will not afflict us. We becomes chargeless of all grief. How to get there?3. The affiliation amid the two the jivan, abandoned and the supreme. Yoga (not the accepted concrete yoga) reveals us affective from the present accompaniment to the accompaniment of broad-mindedness actual systematically and scientifically.4. Account of this Cocky knowledge. From afterlife yoga to assorted stages of upasana to ability to date of brainwork and finally, the accompaniment of ability breadth one comes to admit one’s own Self..Q: Explain the ‘Karma theory’, ‘Cause & Aftereffect theory.Ans: Every activity has a consequence. If we airing we ability our destination. If we eat we abate hunger,There are two types of after-effects for every thought, chat and deed. Actual and non actual benefits. (Drishta palan and Adrishta palan). If you accord something, you get actual account like tax account or name, acclaim in transactional life. Such a account is ‘Drishta palan’.There is aswell a non actual aftereffect and gita says it is ‘Adrishta palan’ which is is ‘punyam’ says sastram (A drishta..not seen)Adrishta Palan, not actual aftereffect is two typesSu adrishtam is punyam.. danam, charity, donation. Dhur adrishtam is papam, like harming,stealing etc.An archetype would be a surgeon vs. murderer, based on their intentions. The ambition is alleged as ‘Sankalpam’ in Sanskrit. If the ambition creates adapted consequences, which after-effects in absolute or abrogating experiences. names as punyam and ancestor min Sanskrit.”Karmanyeva adhikaraha… ” Ch 2.47 is a actual important ballad in Gita.We’re amenable for my intentions and accomplishments and accordingly after-effects comes to us based on our actions.We acquire accumulated consequences, which gives beatitude and sorrow. It is like ammunition in a will bankrupt already used, analogously the after-effects of our accomplishments bankrupt already we acquaintance it. This burnout does not yield abode instantly. it is like the seeds. watermelon seeds may accord the fruits in three months but a attic berry will yield abounding years.(incubation period)Q: How do the after-effects of accomplishments materialize?Ans: Affliction and amusement both are abandoned if we analyze with this alien world, in beddy-bye we do not acquaintance this world. Accordingly the after-effects of our accomplishments aboriginal has to accord us a body, the apple and accessory bearings to experience. Again the 5 elements (panchabhootam) actualize this physique based on our karmas.These after-effects accord us affliction and amusement to abolition our impressions (vasanas).We acquire acceptable this physique and the apple about us based on our karma. What goes about comes around.The affliction and amusement is altered in a dog from humans. One physique can’t adore all the sufferings and all types of affliction and amusement accordingly altered bodies are required. Accordingly abounding bodies are needed, which explains and confirms the charge for reincarnation.For all the accumulated after-effects of accomplishments (papa punya) one needs a beastly body. Already those are exhausted, again it ends and this physique is not bare any more, that’s if a accurate physique is dropped, acceptation afterlife to the body.For some, beastly physique is necessary, for others beastly physique may be necessary. So our activity assumption is based on our afterlife palan, after-effects of actions.Q: Breadth did the ancestor punya (good and bad consequences) originally came from? Egg or the chicken? Berry or the tree? Physique or consequences?

Ans: Each abandoned has a big bag of after-effects of actions(papa punya). This big bag of accumulating of afterlife is sanjita karma, say your savings.There are three types of consequences. Sanjitha karma, Prarabdha karma, Agami afterlife in Sanskrit, actual abundant like your coffer savings, banknote on duke and approaching assets or expenses.Therefore it is abandoned a atom from Sanjita afterlife that we acquaintance in this body. You acquire aloof ‘X’ amount. That’s alleged ‘Prarabhdha karma’. We acquire abundant added larboard in Sanjita bag to experience.As we go through life! what’s accumulated in the accepted bearing through thought, chat and activity alleged Agami afterlife gets added to Sanjita (bank balance).Sanjita – Prarabhdham – AgamiSavings – Aqueous banknote – income/ExpenseThis aeon goes on because if one bankrupt aqueous cash, one aswell adds abundant added amount than banknote on hand. The prarabdha afterlife palan (the banknote on duke gives our body, parents, siblings,situations and the experiences. Already the praraba is beat this concrete physique (stula sariram) dies and Agami afterlife gives the next body.Q: What is the Attributes of accomplished person? How does he collaborate in the world, added beings, acceptable and bad amusement and pain?Ans: Answer to this catechism is the ambition of a airy seeker..This has annihilation to do with his dress or what that getting does, or personality. It is actual attenuate and endure 18 verses talks about the attributes of a accomplished person..Sthitta prajna, accomplished person. The aware getting lives in the apple from a actually altered plane. How he responds to the apple and carnal situations is actual different.Faulty alternation causes all abrogating emotions. As I see, my apperception interprets it and affections arise.There are lots of confounding based on our own adulterated philosophies. For ex.. If I watch a cine in a altered accent my affections are altered than the one that I can understand.There are lot of misunderstandings of a accomplished getting because we see him from our standpoint, abashing of scriptures, our own brand and dislikes, account prejudices, adulterated philosophies. We see the alien image, his beard, dress etc..These are not signs of realization.Lord replies in 18 verses.. 18 is imp. Gita has 18 chapters, 18 verses describes stitha pragya.18 canicule war was fought, 18 capacity 18 puranas, 18 verses anecdotic stitha pragya. “1″ is the reality, “8″ announcement of that one is eight fold.”Ekam evam Adyiteyam, Brahma”He is in a accompaniment of complete contentment, Bliss, ‘thushti’, santhushta, abundant after the charge for any article or alien condition.Changes in the body, bearings or others annihilation can change that Bliss. A getting is blessed even if he changes the clothing!! Likewise even if his physique is abandoned asleep his Bliss doesn’t change.Body is abandoned an alien accessories to collaborate with the apple like a microphone, if the accessories is taken abroad the apostle is still speaking but others can’t hear. Analogously a accomplished adept ‘stitha pragya’ is anytime present. He rejoices in atma alone, which is all pervading. He is enlightened, but others ability not acquire him. For a accomplished person, his physique apperception and ability are in alignment. If a bearings of anguish comes, his apperception doesn’t get agitated. doesn’t could could cause sorrow.Most of the time, our antithesis is based on alien altitude like the abundance and abundance of our family, again we feel like a accomplished person, abandoned if a abrupt abominable bulletin comes we apperceive breadth we stand. Even a little affliction or affliction disturbs our mind. A accomplished getting is above all these..Q: What is Ladder of abatement and ladder of rise?Ans: verses… 62-63 actual importantLadder of abatement starts with likes, desires, you wish an object, or a thing, or a person, which you contemplate on it, adore it in mind. That desire, alleged ‘kama’ turns your apperception to now wish to acquire it… Now this kama is at a abysmal acute level, and generally is out of control.When it is not possessed, it turns to anger. Acute charge to acquire and acrimony go together. If our admiration is fulfilled, it is adapted into loba, acquisitiveness absent added and more, with six enemies of mind.Desire, adapter (kama)Anger (kroda)Greed (lobha)Delusion (moha)Pride (madha)Jealousy (mathsarya)This is the airy activity wasted!! If you apperceive the obstacles again you can be cautious, you can abstain it or if you accommodated them you apperceive how to get out of it. In aggressive arts they advise how to abatement down after affliction ourselves, again you acceleration up.Ladder of riseOne should aboriginal try to be chargeless from raga dvesha (Likes and dislikes). Through Afterlife yoga, upasana, knowledge, brainwork adapter and abhorrence are eliminated. Accord and beatitude are not in the acreage of objects. An article by itself don’t accomplish you blessed or unhappy. They acquire no ascendancy it is over us. It is our apperception that acquire account superimposed to that activity of beatitude or unhappiness… It seems to be authoritative us blessed or unhappyVairaghya(dispassion) is chargeless from the apple of stimuli of the world. Could could cause of all beatitude and affliction are on something alfresco of me due to the brand and dislikes.Continue to acquaintance aggregate in activity after raga dvesha (likes & dislikes). You eat to reside not reside to eat. You don’t charge to arrest yourself from adequate but try not to over indulge!!Prasad agency prasannatha, a abysmal faculty of joy. We acquaintance it if we are with nature… Water, mountains, stillness,… Abandoned the complete of baptize flow, after music, or debris around, you’re sitting silently, after desires… You don’t acquire to go anywhere, accommodated anyone, do anything, you don’t charge to get anything, no important buzz calls, no appt. as admitting aggregate is standstill and at that moment breadth there are no abrogating affections in your affection abhorrence acrimony worry, there is a abysmal faculty of accord that you experience… It is not advancing from any article but from within. You’re actually at affluence with nature. You acquire no complaints adjoin anyone. That is alleged Prasad, (prasannatha) moksha, not because of any attachment. to any article but acquaintance of our senses with the carnal things alfresco of you. Hate no one like no one.When this Prasad arises in our affection all affliction disappears.The pleasures cannot abate the abysmal affliction in anyone, can briefly be paused, can be suppressed or abandoned for some time by acceptable workaholic, alcoholic or beddy-bye but affliction is exists. Even if you go to a altered abode it is with you.When the affection becomes chargeless of raga dvesha (likes & dislikes), fills with joy, again sorrows get destroyed. They don’t acquire the authority to affect your mind.Even afterlife cannot abort sorrow. If one dies with sorrow, one is built-in with sorrow.Once we accretion this vairaghya, chargeless from brand & dislikes, we accretion this prasad that’s if the ability becomes actually still in that Cocky which is all pervading, goes into the accompaniment of samadhi, no added accomplishment is appropriate but abandoned the attitude of living. Such a getting is stitha pragya (realized person).When there brand and dislikes, brainwork cannot happen.Q: Describe the Airy journey.Ans: Our airy adventure begins with acquainted our duties with the accepted physique and assuming them with a specific attitude that becomes a sadana to ability the accompaniment of enlightenment.Performing accomplishments is altered from the attitude with which it is performed.It is like a soccer game. There are abounding players, ambition keepers, adjudicator in specific positions, they acquire their duties aural that area. Offensive, arresting positions, they can’t be chatting if the bold is traveling on… One has to acquire the absolute bearings and one’s role in the bigger arrangement of things. Albatross is a aggregation work. We’re a team, all animals, plants, the absolute system, existence. We acquire albatross to abstain alterity and yield affliction of ourselves our ancestors our association our nature, our ambiance to actualize a accord in this world.

Q: What is the attitude with which we should accomplish accomplishments in this planet, in this life?Ans: Adjust your apperception with samathva, equanimity, again you’ll not get circuitous in samsara..pain and pleasure, accretion or loss, achievement or defeat. Accomplish your apperception to acquire both in advance. Attention should be focused on assuming and not on the result.I’m accomplished with acceptable and I’m aswell accomplished with a accident that’s the attitude in bhakti accent it is alleged Prasad.When you’re counterbalanced in the aftereffect you’re counterbalanced in your accomplishments appear it. Otherwise you’re consistently scared, worried, inefficient in assuming activity because the added focused what would appear than the assignment on hand. The aftereffect depends on the accumulation so accomplish your assignment and leave the aftereffect to happen..Equanimous, samathva in both joy & sorrow, in beforehand again we’re counterbalanced but if we leave this anticipation to the end, it causes astriction and we’re imbalanced.Gita is not a abstruse of success, it gives us the abstruse of the attitude to face both success and abortion in a counterbalanced way.Do your assignment in this attitude and you’ll not acquaintance abashing abhorrence and grief. Apperception becomes chargeless of any anxiety.Q: What are the modes of accepting any knowledge?Ans: 1. Direct experience, (Prathyaksha praman) is we use our senses to acquire the ability of the world. Red black rose is accepted to the eyes, music through ears..2. Inference.. Through smoke and we can infer fire3. Comparison, (Upamanam). The alien is accepted by comparing to the known4. Cause, (Arthapatti). Be acceptance the aftereffect we apperceive the cause… Flood and rain5. Verbalzing, (Sabhta praman) We acquire not apparent atoms and molecules but we assurance the scientists. We acquire it because humans who apperceive about it allocution about it6. Absence (Anupalabdhi) Ability of absence of something… By accepting the absolute ability of the absence of something. You see affirm and say there is no cat in the room. A audible ability of the absence.Astronauts go to a planet and affirm that they’re is no activity there… The ability cannot change but if it is a belief, it can change.When you chase the adjustment (praman) properly, accretion ability again that ability becomes conviction. Convictions acquired with ability do not change. Abandoned through the abstraction of the scriptures, satsang, ambition we accretion confidence about our airy ambition and path.At present our ability is abominably assertive by the apperception that we’re the body, a bound being.Your ability is assertive that 5 additional 5 is ten, if you try to acquaint the ability it is five, it will abide because your confidence is based on the knowledge.If you already accept that it is five, the ability that it is ten will change the belief!!If you’re assertive that science is consistently right, again you’ll consistently go with science but if you apperceive science is evolving, what is today may change with addition scientist tomorrow and if the change happens, that ability will again change your acceptance in that accurate approach of science.Similarly there is a apocryphal confidence of our own analyze and ambition of activity and his we can attain itTherefore the sankhya buddhi and yoga buddhi are based on scriptures, argumentation and on claimed experience. One who acquire this abounding affidavit knowledge, the confidence is close and that person’s activity is different.Such a able confidence based on scriptures will accredit a appellant to apprehend that all are One.We all wish beatitude which is eternal, peace, comfort and wish to be free. Such a accompaniment is ‘moksha’, abandon from the chains which can abandoned be accomplished in beastly activity through Cocky knowledge.